The following things made me furious today:

  • “Ryan” from Glasgow who claims “Parents don’t influence responsible/irresponsible drinking in their children. Society does.” – yes that’s you imbecile, all children behave exactly the same regardless of parental involvement, that’s why every bloody child drinks exactly the same amount of booze every day. Fuckwhit.
  • Ending an email “toot toot” does not make up for the fact your work is really a bit crappy especially considering the amount you are being paid.
  • Just give us bloody kettles will you.
  • You do not understand the economic crisis, if you did you would not be wasting time writing asinine comments on the internet portraying yourself as a economic genius.
  • Tracey ‘Mild Tallent at best’ Emin.
  • My god damn self extinguishing oven.
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