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I knew you should never trust a gasheads.

Several days ago I received a lovely letter from Mr Gas man, he politely informed me that: “We have not heard from you despite leaving a number of cards urging you to make an appointment with us” The problem was … Continue reading

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Continuing my efforts to keep the even more ailing economy afloat I sallied forth once more to the heart of London’s capitalist experience that is Westfield in order to wine, dine and spend spend spend. On the agenda today is … Continue reading

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Big box, little box, big box, little box.

It will come as no surprise to learn that using the public highways, in all their glorious forms, gives rise to an incredible amount of potential rage. Almost all the users of said roads are clearly out to cause as … Continue reading

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Slow coach double whammy

After a fine hour or two perusing the fine fare on the aisle of my local supermarket I took my trolley, laden with goodies (and non alcoholic beer), towards the checkout in an endeavour to pay. There are some basic … Continue reading

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“Mummy, do you have some paper” “Mummy can you draw me a butterfly” “Mummy where are we” “Mummy so you have any paper” “Mummy” “Mummy why is the bus not moving” Dear god shut the blazes up, can’t you see … Continue reading

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Down with Christmas – Part 3

I had call to buy a suit the other weekend, I perused the available options, visited several outlets, weighted up the cost to quality ratio and in the end plumbed for a natty little number in fetching bright red, with … Continue reading

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Beer outrage

I wended my way to Westfield again in a vain effort to keep the ailing economy on it’s feet, such a financial hero that I am. I decided that lunch was the order of the day and so descended upon … Continue reading

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Bus hag.

In my state of continued mild addledness I thought it better to get the nice warm bus to work again today. What a woeful error, for the more you use the chav wagon, the more chance there is to be … Continue reading

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Super Fruit.

I’ve been feeling under the weather for a couple of days, racked with a terrible ague, struck down with a horrifying case of the pox, cursed with a vile bout of plague! Oh OK, I was feeling a bit ill, … Continue reading

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Wow this is a nice house.

In an effort to keep the ailing Westfield open during this credit crisis I have committed to spending as much time and money there as possible. With this in mind I hotfooted it there again yesterday to throw away some … Continue reading

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